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The Broken Inheritance Download Epub Mobi Pdf Fb2
The Broken Inheritance Download Epub Mobi Pdf Fb2




The Broken Inheritance

by Angie Marbury Reevers

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In the deep south of rural Alabama, where hearts are trusting and faith is essential for survival, three generations of women navigate life in their day, tied by a generational cycle they cannot seem to break. As a ten-year-old girl in 1926, Ruth Coleman witnesses her family’s home go down in flames with her parents perished inside. Years later, she sinks into a bitter pool of vodka sparking a string of destructive actions that linger for generations to come. Ruth’s husband and daughters attempt to wipe away her pain with their love, but this proves a wavering course. To all who know her, Ruth’s daughter Doris Richards seems to have a happy life in 1968: She’s a loving wife, organized mother and dedicated church worker. Few see how the years of suppressing memories of her mother’s emotional turmoil have eroded Doris’s soul. Those few include Doris herself. Clinging to her memories of a childhood utopia, she can’t bring herself to acknowledge the misery of her marriage to a cold, unfaithful husband. In 1980, 21-year-old Jackie Richards is a senior at Hampton Institute aspiring toward a career in medicine. By day she’s the epitome of strength, by night she awakens to horrible nightmares surrounding her mother Doris’s fate. Jackie clings to God with all her might, but habitually gives in to a lethal alternative when the memories will not fade. The Broken Inheritance is a journey to realization that will encourage you to face past truths in hopes of carving out a more rewarding life. It traces a generational cycle so undeniable, you will question your inherent behaviors, natural tendencies and innate approach to life.




















The Broken Inheritance Angie Marbury Reevers

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The Broken Inheritance

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Angie Marbury Reevers


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